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IFRS Reporting for Small- and Medium-sized Entities in South Africa.

Financial Statements in Excel South Africa

email address:  support@fseasy.co.za

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Download files
Company (Excel)         Close Corporation (Excel)       Partnership (Excel)
Company Consolidated (Excel)
Trust (Excel)
Individual (Excel)
Company Sample FS (pdf)
Take our Close Corporation's file for a test run, the Financial Statements sheet is not password protected.

Key features:

  • Addressing certain short-comings of other Reporting programs on the market
  • Tested for 5 years in a working environment 
  • Financial Statements updated by Trial Balance and Criteria sheet – no typing necessary on the Financial Statements
  • Easy print of Financial Statements – information not applicable and zero line items deleted with a click of a button
  • Automatic adjustment throughout the Financial Statements for the descriptions of singular/plural and positive/negative
  • Automatic update of Journals to Trial Balance, drop down boxes to choose line item
  • Integrated analytical procedures
  • Automatic update and balancing of Cash Flow Statement
  • Separate Detailed Income Statements for up to 3 other trading activities
  • Integrated Fixed Asset Register
  • Automatic calculation of Income Tax and Small Business Corporation’s tax
  • Automatic calculation of Deferred Taxation
  • Automatic balancing of tax expense reconciliation
  • First year Financial Statements with one column
  • Easy to complete Criteria sheet
  • Easy to follow Instructions sheet
  • Pre-populated SARS ITR14 sheet (Micro business)
  • Links from Trial Balance to Working Papers and back
  • Automatic cross checks on Financial Statements

Price per practice (once off):

  • R3,500 (multi user) for the Company template
  • R3,500 (multi user) for the Close Corporation template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Consolidated Company template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Trust template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Individual template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Partnership template

or R14,000 for the whole package.

Banking details:


First National Bank

Acc no – 62446478621 (email address as reference)

Bank code – 250655

If you need an invoice for admin or tax purposes, please email us at support@fseasy.co.za

Annual fee (per practice):

  • R5,000 (multi user)

The annual fee provides you with updated Master files to comply with changes to Reporting requirements and new features incorporated for suggestions from customers.