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Welcome to the FSEasy website.

Here you will find Excel-based Financial Statements where the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small- and Medium-sized Entities was used as guideline.

Watch our tutorials and download the templates.

email address:  support@fseasy.co.za

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Download files
Company (Excel)         Close Corporation (Excel)       Partnership (Excel)
Company Consolidated (Excel)
Trust (Excel)
Individual (Excel)

Take our Close Corporation's file for a test run, the Financial Statements sheet is not password protected.

Key features:

  • Addressing certain short-comings of other Reporting programs on the market
  • Tested for 5 years in a working environment 
  • Financial Statements updated by Trial Balance and Criteria sheet – no typing necessary on the Financial Statements
  • Easy print of Financial Statements – information not applicable and zero line items deleted with a click of a button
  • Automatic adjustment throughout the Financial Statements for the descriptions of singular/plural and positive/negative
  • Automatic update of Journals to Trial Balance, drop down boxes to choose line item
  • Integrated analytical procedures
  • Automatic update and balancing of Cash Flow Statement
  • Separate Detailed Income Statements for up to 3 other trading activities
  • Integrated Fixed Asset Register
  • Automatic calculation of Income Tax and Small Business Corporation’s tax
  • Automatic calculation of Deferred Taxation
  • Automatic balancing of tax expense reconciliation
  • First year Financial Statements with one column
  • Easy to complete Criteria sheet
  • Easy to follow Instructions sheet
  • Pre-populated SARS ITR14 sheet (Micro business)
  • Links from Trial Balance to Working Papers and back
  • Automatic cross checks on Financial Statements

Price per practice (once off):

  • R3,500 (multi user) for the Company template
  • R3,500 (multi user) for the Close Corporation template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Consolidated Company template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Trust template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Individual template
  • R2,000 (multi user) for the Partnership template

or R14,000 for the whole package.

Banking details:


First National Bank

Acc no – 62446478621 (email address as reference)

Bank code – 250655

If you need an invoice for admin or tax purposes, please email us at support@fseasy.co.za

Annual fee (per practice):

  • R5,000 (multi user)

The annual fee provides you with updated Master files to comply with changes to Reporting requirements and new features incorporated for suggestions from customers. The annual fee will be reduced pro rata if you do not buy the full set.